ERP and its business value

With technology comes innovation

ERP is a complete business management solution that helps SMEs to record all their business activities in one system. With ERP, SMEs can make informed, truth-based, timely decisions to stay ahead of the competition. It serves as the backbone of a business that adds power, transparency, and control to your growing business. The important competitive advantages that you gain with the ERP software are Affordability, Completeness, Customization & Efficiency.


Product Description


The centre of any business management system is its Financial Accounting System. The three main Accounting operations that the software gives you are:

  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Purchase Invoice
  3. Journal Entries

ERP software provides the four way ease in this regard:

  1. Purchase Invoice
  2. Purchase Order
  3. Purchase Return
  4. Purchase Receipt

Customer Relationship Management is the ease that comes with the ERP software. You can track business opportunities from Leads & customers. Also you can send Quotations and book Sales orders.


ERP software helps you track all the communications with the customer, prior to and during the sales, by keeping all your documents in an organised and searchable manner. Following tools make it easier for you:

  1. Product Bundle
  2. Sales Cycle
  3. Pricing Rule
  4. Discounts
  5. Taxes

ERP software covers all the processes related to the Human Resource Management System from maintaining a complete database for the employees that includes their contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, leaves and appraisal records to Payroll Management and rules for the Tax deduction. Therefore a complete package for the HR Department.


ERP covers this module with the help of Payroll Setup, Payroll Management, Payroll Period, Income Tax Slab, Salary Component, Salary Structure, Salary Structure Assignment, Salary Slip, Payroll Entry, Additional Salary, Retention Bonus & Employee Incentive. Thus, by offering the above array of features it makes Processing and Management of Payroll a lot easier.

Project Management

Managing any type of Projects & Tasks becomes an easy road to travel upon with various Project Templates, Project Type, Project Update & Project Views.

Quality Management

A certain level of excellence is required in overseeing the activities and tasks therefore managing the overall quality of the process, product and operations. ERP software helps with that by providing Quality Management System, Quality Meeting, Quality Procedure, Quality Goal, Quality Action, Quality Feedback, Quality Review, Non Conformance, Quality Feedback Template etc. Thus an overall package for Quality Management.

Stock & Inventory

This module in particular helps with the following:

  1. All the details of Products and warehouses are well Maintained.
  2. Keeps a track of receipt, transfer and delivery of products.
  3. Provides real time information to optimise stock levels via reports.
  4. Provides proper valuation of each product.
Customer Support

Be it 24*7 support, warranty claims, support settings, Issues of various types related to various modules, service level agreements & support reports etc. Samarth Digital is always inclined towards the best support service experience.

Asset Management

In ERP software, you can keep a record of the Company's fixed assets such as computers, furniture, cars, etc. You can track inventory locations or keep records of users who use the goods. With the help of Asset Reports, Asset Value Adjustment, Asset Category & Asset Maintenance Log, you can also manage inventory details.

Core benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning

65% Cost Reduction
60% Sustainability
75% Improved Sales
80% Customer Attraction

Additional benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP systems in this era are critical for managing thousands of businesses. To these, ERP is as indispensable as the electricity that keeps the lights on. It’s impossible to ignore the impact of ERP in today’s business world. Examples of specific business benefits include:

Improved business insight
Lowered costs of operation
Enhanced data sharing collaborations
Improved user experience with efficiency
Consistent infrastructure
Risk reduction with data integrity

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Our Value

Be it procurement, accounting, risk management, project management or compliance or Supply chain Operations A complete ERP suite is what Samarth Digital delivers. Our ERP solutions include a package of enterprise performance management tools that helps plan, budget, predict, and report organization’s financial results.

Samarth Digital’s ERP systems tie multiple business processes together and enable the flow of data between them. With this our software systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth.

What We Do?

A very common question that we get asked in our day-to-day dealings is, How can these solutions manage an organisation's regular business activities, such as project management, procurement, accounting, finance, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Samarth Digital provides software systems that include integrated platforms, either on-premises or in the cloud, managing all aspects of a production-based or distribution business. Our software supports all aspects of financial management, human resources, supply chain management, and manufacturing and a lot more.

Samarth Digital also provides transparency into your complete business process by tuning in all aspects of production, logistics, and financials with the required software. Furthermore, these integrated systems act as a business's central hub for end-to-end workflow and data, allowing a variety of departments to access

Upgrade your organization with our ERP solution.